Forms for Florida Holdover Tenant Evictions

Florida Holdover Tenant Eviction Forms

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A holdover eviction can be a powerful tool in a landlord’s tool box. Various defenses can be raised in non-payment of rent evictions (“3-day”) and material violation of lease evictions (“7-day”). However, when the lease is properly terminated and the tenant “holds over”, there is little to nothing the tenant can argue in defense of a properly crafted holdover eviction. The local Clerk of Court often provides forms for these 3-day and 7-day evictions.

The problem is, no official forms exist for Florida holdover evictions. That is, until now.

Holdover Tenant Eviction Forms

Here at you will finally find the forms necessary to perform a Holdover tenant eviction for sale at a fraction of the cost of a single billable hour of an attorney. Used properly, these forms can terminate a lease and legally remove a tenant on basis of “holding over” after a lease has been terminated or expired. This potent strategy can squash the arguments of even the most professional of tenants. These forms are designed for residential holdover evictions only.

The Holdover Tenant Handbook forms pack includes the following:

– 15 Day Notice of Termination of Month to Mont Tenancy (At Will Tenancy Termination)
– 3-Day Notice for Double Rent (Holdover Tenant 3-Day Notice)
– Complaint for Eviction of Holdover Tenant

These forms are for Florida Holdover evictions only. These forms combined with forms from your local Clerk of Court (a local summons, motion for default, etc.) can be used to accomplish a holdover tenant eviction.

Florida Holdover Tenant Eviction Forms

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